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Back in the bad days of setting up ‘out of the box’ computers for people, I would try to maintain an archive of the ‘commonly free installed programs’ to save on remembering what programs to get, where to get them, and then actually downloading/installing them. (Firefox, Flash, Java, Putty, Essentials Antivirus, codecs, etc)

Then one day I came across

Go to the site, you are presented with a list of programs/checkboxes.
Check what you want, download the program, and WALK AWAY. Everything automatically downloads and installs all the selected programs (it even picks the correct options and ops-out of ANY bundled toolbar plugins).

Disable Java in all browsers

This will show you how to disable Java in all locally installed browsers.

Many virus infections these days come from infected websites exploiting the Java plugin in your browser, regardless if using Firefox or whatever.

If you don’t use Java in your web browser, DISABLE IT.Note: This does not disable Java on your computer for local programs (such as Minecraft or something similar). This will only affect your web browsers.


First, make sure you have the LATEST Java installed
(earlier Java versions do not have this feature available).

Then click Start> Control Panel> View Large Icons

Locate the ‘Java’ icon, open it, and click on the ‘Security’ tab.
Make sure the ‘Enable Java content in the browser’ is NOT checked (see below).