Soon-to-be drunken rambling

I haven’t been on this page in a bit. For really no other reason that I haven’t had much to say. Plenty to drink, though. I think the problem lately is I got bored. For a while, it was the same old bars & the same old beer. And that sucks. I miss going to check out new places & trying new beer. And a good road trip. Man, I wish it was summer…

But the flavors are starting to change. Weather still blows, but some of the spring beers are coming out, and I can change things up a bit. Capital Brewing came out with Maibock, which I consider to be the first sign of spring. We’re now hitting the time when the barleywines & Russian stouts are arriving with their 10%+ goodness. It’s great for drinking, but shitty trying to get home on the snowy roads.

Been doing the Untappd thing. It’s basically Foursquare for beer. But I notice it’s usually just the same three friends that do anything on there, and they live too far to drive out to have a beer with. Speaking of which, on to the next beer. Lakefront’s Mardi Gras. It’s their Maibock. Not a bad beer, and higher ABV at 7.9%. Got a variety pack here at home, and I intend on using my snow day to try all of them.

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