OMG A Real Podcast Feed!!

Hey we FINALLY have a feed for your podcast machines and a kinda working website!
Here is the feed:
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Skype for Windows on Linux using Wine

Please note, I’m using a newer version of wine than whats available by default.
Head to for details on upgrading your version of wine.

To install Skype for Windows on Linux x64 using Wine:

possibly need winbind installed, dunno
rm -rf .wine
WINEARCH=win32 winecfg change to windows 7
#for nvidia closed drivers might need: winetricks orm=backbuffer glsl=disable
WINEARCH=win32 wine SkypeSetupFull.exe
–setup will crash/exit
cd .wine/drive_c/Program\ Files\Skype/Phone/
WINEARCH=win32 wine Skype.exe /username:your_username /password:your_password
–skype will probably crash the first time you run it

its randomly crashing when i didnt use WINEARCH=32, trying 32 now, i have no idea, ill open comments later

How to listen to an old boiler

At work we have an old steam boiler heating system that was original to the building. A short time back, I installed a cheap IP camera (30 bucks) to watch the steam gauge (the main air handlers run on steam while the radiators run on just hot water) to monitor when we could ‘dump heat’ into the building. It’s old and sometimes has trouble getting started for whatever reason. This camera also has a microphone that I could listen to using something such as MPlayer. I made a script to ‘listen’ to the boiler room every minute for 4 seconds and analyze the audio to determine if the boiler is on or off. Since its old and fairly loud, it has been pretty reliable so far… Check out the script below that runs in cron every minute:


* * * * * /path/to/boiler-audio > /dev/null 2>&

boiler-audio file:



/usr/bin/mplayer -quiet -dumpstream -dumpfile $DUMPFILE http://192.168.x.x/audio.cgi &
sleep $TIME
kill $PID

AMP=`/usr/bin/sox -t .wav $DUMPFILE -n stat 2>&1 | grep "Maximum amp" | cut -d"." -f2`

if [ "$AMP" -gt "300000" ]

echo `date +%r` > $BOILERTIME

Drunken Ramble Part 2

So, we had a bar full of people having a good time, and in walks a new Captain Buzzkill. Not what I normally see, this is the new kind that once she opens her mouth, I can read her entire life’s story. It’s Single Mom. And Single Mom hasn’t been out among adults since the New Year, and proceeds to dominate every conversation around her kid and her problems as if nobody else in the whole damn bar matters. Really? ! Just because you haven’t been in public for ten weeks, how does it become all about you? And none of us can take on another topic, even so much as shoot a game of darts, or dice, without you chiming in? Did you not notice that people left the damn bar because they’d rather go home than listen to you whine? My god, if your life is that bad, no wonder your man left you. And with that, gimme another damn beer! !!

Soon-to-be drunken rambling

I haven’t been on this page in a bit. For really no other reason that I haven’t had much to say. Plenty to drink, though. I think the problem lately is I got bored. For a while, it was the same old bars & the same old beer. And that sucks. I miss going to check out new places & trying new beer. And a good road trip. Man, I wish it was summer…

But the flavors are starting to change. Weather still blows, but some of the spring beers are coming out, and I can change things up a bit. Capital Brewing came out with Maibock, which I consider to be the first sign of spring. We’re now hitting the time when the barleywines & Russian stouts are arriving with their 10%+ goodness. It’s great for drinking, but shitty trying to get home on the snowy roads.

Been doing the Untappd thing. It’s basically Foursquare for beer. But I notice it’s usually just the same three friends that do anything on there, and they live too far to drive out to have a beer with. Speaking of which, on to the next beer. Lakefront’s Mardi Gras. It’s their Maibock. Not a bad beer, and higher ABV at 7.9%. Got a variety pack here at home, and I intend on using my snow day to try all of them.

Drunken Ramble Part 1

Currently drinking a Wisconsin Brewing Amber Lager. It’s pretty decent. But that’s not important right now…

Also at the moment, I’m trying to get rid of all these useless apps on my phone. Why the fuck do they fill my phone with this shit? All it does is sap my battery, clutter my phone with shit I’ll never use. What the fuck?

Meanwhile, Shrek is trying to pull up an on-demand programme. Took like 15 minutes to access. Now I’m out of beer. What the fuck?