WM Live 2019-11-05 – Skunky Garments

WM Live 2019-11-05 – Skunky Garments

Help me with this burnt pizza. Dragonmere is trying to find his date, Megan. I want to buy the used shoe rental shoes. Skunky wheelchair. Skunky bowling ball making my kid smell skunky. Fun time outside becomes skunky garments. Skunky Money. Things are covered in this substance. Get the ghosts out of my blood. Skunky shirt. Used Goodwill Halloween candy. Skunky shirt part 2. Sorry about that whole situation with the thing. Dragonmere is way better apologizing by working the 12 step program. Which side of the shirt do you want exposed? I Don’t want to get stinky. Free smells! Strip clubs do not like dollar coins.

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