WM Live 2019-11-12 – Are Your Parents Married?

WM Live 2019-11-12 – Are Your Parents Married?

Are your parents married? How much for the tomato and the onion? No naps. Mr Bill. Sing happy birthday with me. Changing your number. Eggs in the shell please, to-go. Just stop it and keep your laws off my claws. Stay on the line and make calls with us. Fuck your state law. In Bread. Trace failed. Raw, uncut onions. Is my stuff in the cooler cold yet? Subway buffet. Lobby TV Chromecast HDMI USB port please. Nobody sang happy birthday to me. Do you have the ice pancakes? Dragonmere poops on the bathroom walls. We are shooting a video on how to get kicked out. Special wing sauce. Sell us all of your hotdogs. Is there a place to connect this hose? Pea-pods. We call Michael, looking for the Santa. Happy Birthday wanna play POGs? The show eventually ends because the internet dies right near the 3 hour mark.

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