WM Live 2019-12-03 – Bells and Cars

WM Live 2019-12-03 – Bells and Cars

Taco Bell man. Criminal bell ringers. Burger King man. Bell ringing money policy. The whole Black Friday experience. Turkey shaped beef. Make it rain for bell ringing, and everyone! Small cups. Sniff the deli meats. Consent forms for burgers and ice cream. This cake is made of poison. How do I break the brake pads? Cut the brake lines on MY car. What is the worst thing to put in a gas tank? I don’t have brakes. Just throw to me as I drive. Justin makes a mess behind the parts store. Car lesbian tire safety. Fuel leak consent form. Bleach at the table please. What time does your dumpster have food? Wrestle ya for a grand slam. Denny’s and Petco we are calling from behind the dumpster. Rapid-fire call mode activated. The show pretty much turns into chaos at this point… The actual last call is pretty good! I swear!

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