WM Live 2019-12-17 – Looking at Teeth

WM Live 2019-12-17 – Looking at Teeth

The calls are rough to start but we gather steam as we go. We start with a call already in progress. The medical. Please hold for the corporate office. Can the baskets be used without buying anything? Teeth. What does the deaf man look like? Return the not stolen gas back into the ground. Ice potato bowl. Stop lookin at my teeth and go outside. Where is the deaf man? Is the taco bell man gone? The gift of Motel 6. Hide my identity I’m sued, permission for my fake name. Red Carpet gifts. Delivery for pickup. Special IHop favor. Cancel the account and shut those kids up. RBCP stops by. No payphones. Stop going to the same pages to cancel your account, duh. Patch the call through please. We talk about me puking on the side of the road in California again. Just!n also stops in. I’m pretty sure I used counterfeit money at the store. I think I also hear Snappy in the mix as well. Devon also stops by. Bleach ash trays to Poker Room 1. It’s also okay to huff things as long as you use a paper bag. Nobody sang Happy Birthday. Chicken nuggets missing a bite. I took the shoes. It should be easier to fly a kite. Open the kitchen. Ordering one good chi.

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