WM Live 2019-12-31 – I’m Going to Make Prank Calls

WM Live 2019-12-31 – I'm Going to Make Prank Calls

The New Years Eve Show, oh boy… Extended show for your pleasure, until midnight on the west coast, then edited down when nothing was happening. Where is Santa’s pipe, bro?. No drinking and no sparklers at Kum n Go. Planet Fitness New Years. New Years hotel fireworks. Rules for midnight is zero tolerance. You’re on the naughty list for stealing Santa’s weed. Dragonmere likes to party in the hotel lobby with you. Prank calls from the room phone? One of the hotels enjoy our pranks. No drugs at all? No smoking in the bathroom. Roman Candles do not flush. Hotel incident needs bleach, is Walmart open? Parallel room universe. Gas station party, pass em around at midnight, cheers. Walmart New Years Celebration? You dirty dog making prank calls and now they know my room number. It should be fine to do pills in the room. What the hell is going on outside with all the noise and where is the ham? Can we take these pills we found, its the pill system? Bathtub fireworks. Medically induced seizures. W1ngless can’t stop laughing. Getting directions crash. People on this show (I think): Wasted, Dragonmere, Toxic, W1ngless, Total Second, Daisy, Devon, RBCP, Carlito

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