WM Live 2020-01-21 – Down the Drain

WM Live 2020-01-21 – Down the Drain

Drive-thru trash. We really needs some pants. Could you flush a bag for me in the bathroom? Please throw this bag away. We ask places to dump expired things/poop down toilets. Why did you answer? I’m completely covered by this t-shirt! Scrubbin the pants down. Checking tire air pressure. I’m preventing people from overfilling their gas tanks and saving the extra drips. Protocol for gas on the socks and feet. I spilled the gas I was stealing all over me can I wash up? Acting sexual is who I am. Mostly eggs, I need the egg manger. Mostly lettuce. Cool Heather let Snappy do a sponge bath. I pissed on your door because they gave me a stinkfist. Throw the bags out the window and use the plungers. On the show: Wasted, Dragonmere, DTB, Snappy, Toxic

I’ve been playing a lot of Look Mum No Computer lately, check out his awesome stuff!

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