WM Live 2020-02-18 – Ceiling Fan Vacuum

WM Live 2020-02-18 – Ceiling Fan Vacuum

Asking for the main room key again for the podcast but this time I’m a best selling author named George. Book signing even has been moved up. Release forms for the dogs on the podcast. Jim Cab Magazine with Ceiling Fan. Podcast discount. Buckets or boxes. My self driving car won’t park here. Drive-thru sobriety checkpoints. Checking your certifications. Key picture inventory. Extend the policy. Written permission to take shopping carts outside. We are trying to clean our own hotel room. Stepping in dog poop. Clean up broken glass on our own. Vacuum policy. Smoke alarm test mode. Nobody is looking at me. Toxic does pickup for delivery. Dragonmere needs a wipe. Give me back my dog poop.

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