WM Live 2020-02-25 – Candles and Chairs

WM Live 2020-02-25 – Candles and Chairs

This is one of those shows/recordings that has a lot of talking and stuff in it… I try forcing a premise way too many times until it’s not funny anymore. So yeah… Buy the rental shoes. Talking to the Pin Master. Bowling podcast. Hotel podcast. Garbage fetish. Is is safe to come out, I took acid. Coffee ingredients. Parents divorced or married? Connecting the podcast directly to the phone lines. Drinking pee at the table. The show sorta turns into Party Time at this point. Scatter some trash in the room. Mustache Taco Bell Man. Layers of ice on the bathroom floor. Make love on a bed of ice cubes. Flush the ice. Complete the twelve step with candles and chairs. Keying cars. How many buckets? Shopping cart limit. Permission the clean the floor. Shopping cart practice. Riley Lux, Matt Hill0ck, Dragonmere, Snappy, Toxic, Labrat

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