WM Live 2020-03-31 – Tip Money

WM Live 2020-03-31 – Tip Money

This is an extended show… Enjoy? Water faucet car wash while getting gas for safety. Bathroom situation distancing. Gas returns. Bring my own drinks in while I wait for drinks. Accept payment via hand sanitizer and home made toilet paper. Secretly sell us toilet paper. Need to borrow the meat thermometer. Bathroom hangout. Toilet paper hoarding. Cross food smells. Toilet paper drive thru. Parking lot laps and speed limits. Pizza complainer wants the tip back. Gas return. More complainers, are you good at sports but not drug fraud. Do over for incorrect sauce packets again. Press the button for more time. Hotel room to-go. Call the room. Social distance speaker phone. Red gas truck bed. Slow gas pumping. Bathroom limits. Play it safe and hide your face in public with personal protective equipments. I need to know what’s happening in that room with all the noises and smells, then the guy comes to secret prank call room at the front desk. Barely any mac on this Big Mac. Trying to directly connect the computer to the phone lines. Lemon juice phone charging. I need an outlet outside. Hang up the phone. Provide work uniforms.

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