WM Live 2020-04-07 – Dargon

WM Live 2020-04-07 – Dargon

This was not one of the best nights but it was still fun. Some random guy from a hotel is way funnier than me towards the end of the show… I want the used gum. Drive-thru instructions. Can’t get this Mac back together. Science pee experiments. Deaf meal. Dookie bags. Jar of service hornets. Bring our own sandwich wrappers and bags. Gas return. Pump gas with the string. Use string in the drive-thru. Safety string. Wash the food. This is not a real phone call. Prank call permission. Laminated money. Cash gloves. Stinky mustache man. You can’t eat other foods in the drive-thru. They were picking their nose. Magic string. Gas for the wipers. From the land.

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