WM Live 2020-06-09 – Root Beer Burgers

WM Live 2020-06-09 – Root Beer Burgers

Authorize the pat-down. Room key and guest list phone interviews. We want a dirty room. Complainer return. Bad speakers. Ants on a blender. Tell me your problem now. Time to cross the bridge. Free bag of ice. Reroute the package. I need to find out about Tracy I don’t care about your Lyft. Order cancel now with patience. Change the phone number. Root beer burgers. The key isn’t working for all the rooms. Avoid the dead dog fee. Mirrors for backwards walking. Shoes on vs shoes off at the hotel. Phone repair. Hangup the soup. Self-driving drive-through. Hotel water usage.

I think Dragonmere has stickers soon? Bug him about it.

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