WM Live 2020-12-29 – Sober Bananas

WM Live 2020-12-29 – Sober Bananas

There’s a chanced I messed up the audio on the beginning of this show when it was recorded. Having hotel puppies. Trying to find the sandwich. Reserve a parking spot. Special animals. Allowed to use adult diapers anywhere. Adult diaper instructions. Fast wild dumpster raccoons. Sale price on the baby raccoons. A very fat pooping cat. Power of attorney. Sober shopping. Coconut instructions. Blue banana. Banana drug test. Buying a horse. A horse in the room. Bring your own room to the room. Special times for special sober shopping. Running with shopping carts. Drinking and shopping carts. Sober only gas purchases. Rent a room while drunk. Pants pooping. Pregnant animals. Reserve more parking lot space for horse machine sales. Put that noise away. Hotel needle.

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