WM Live 2020-12-31 – Milky Year

WM Live 2020-12-31 – Milky Year

Happy New Years Yearly Extended Show! We start off with SPlink and Toxic. Parking lot fireworks. People in room limit. Drawer stuff. Midnight time pop off. Limits on face punching. Exchange services in the lobby. Fake echo. Dog on leg. Found a poop. You sound like a what now. Can not hear. Hotel filming crew. No French speaking. Fireworks pew pew. Kicking allowed outside. Funny hat parade. Poop incident. Nowhere to put the horse. Join the raccoons in the dumpster. Stolen gas. Shoplifting apology. Comedy at the pumps. Drink tickets for gas pump comedy show. Dog coma pee love. Raccoon farts. Windshield smudges. Really sour cream in the room fridge. Respond to this review. How does it stand with raccoons in the room. Filming at the hotel. I’m sorry please punch me. Professional stance on the topic. Reduced oxygen shopping. Napkins. Milk door. Ball drop rules to pop off. Milk door. Tell your uncle. Pop off. Firecracker joint. One big hit in the room. Old man and the baby. Backyard Susan party. Hotel Susan party. Milk door in hotel. Open during new years. Milk door situation. Gas station pop off. It is too quiet over there. Firecrackers. Liven it up. Cutting an attitude. Scary ring and push it down the drain and the THANK YOU. Firecracker wake-up. Chain reaction. Boring. Permission. Laying in dog poop. Just say no. Roommate. Another deer story. Don’t call me Shirley. All the noise everywhere. Scare sister. Happy New Year Crash. Thank You.

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