WM Live 2022-07-19

WM Live 2022-07-19

Losing things on purpose like phones. A weird book is in the room. Secret handshake and code words. Lost a shoe. Socks. Only feet. Being too loud in the room. Dog lettuce objections. Strange book in the room. Secret map. Pull up to the door instead of the window. Fridge burger. A special condition. Janitor closet. Cold burger and hot soda. Just pickup the food more casually. Remake the order without being all in your face about it. The drive-thru is really aggressive. Allowed to yell at the staff. Distracted drivers. Seahorse meat. Unstable meat. What I wanted not what I ordered. The beef isn’t working. The unethical beef. Child discipline rules. Free gift. Aggressive guests. Funny echo. Fourth of July rules. Sneak one in for the night.

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