WM Live 2023-03-07 Not Responsible

WM Live 2023-03-07 Not Responsible

Getting stuck in line inside. Stuck in the bush. In-charge of hands in the toilet. Love your customers is weird. Pulled over in the drive-thru. Replace the food because of the accident. Your fault for eating and driving. Cold food left in the car. Throwing a drink into traffic. Food under the car. Bitter receipt. They took my food. Living and tenting in parking lots. Unlimited lettuce. Not responsible for the delivery driver and their driving. Devil phone number. Bird in the bag. Followed by a bird. Overhearing conversations. Everybody could give a couple bucks to pay for me. Give me something else to do while I am here. Everybody pressing the button at the same time. Everybody can order at the same time. People are only coming here to eat. Did not solve the riddle.

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