WM Live 2023-05-09 Child Safety

Wasted Memory Prank Call Show
Wasted Memory Prank Call Show
WM Live 2023-05-09 Child Safety

Child safety rating. Checking outside for child safety. I had to bash one of them. The parking lot situation and you had to bash them. Bad soap. You do not even check outside anymore. The guy just left. Feet kicking. Holding me back for the date. Washing hair in the public restroom. Not supposed to use these things sold in the store. Drinking shampoo. Talk to the one with father issues. The man is trying to tell me how to live my life. Hand on. Was told to bash that mother effer. Just living my life and being told I am wrong. Harmonica can be dangerous in the parking lot. Follow the rules of the parking lot man. Masturbating while on the phone. Those two dozen ounce drinks. Throw away the empty shampoo bottle. Bashing for safety. Eating laundry pods. I have my own internet connect I do not need the store. Trying to pass the test.

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