WM Live 2023-06-06 Blurry Stuff

Wasted Memory Prank Call Show
Wasted Memory Prank Call Show
WM Live 2023-06-06 Blurry Stuff

Bitten by a goose. Golf bags full of candy. Handing out candy in the parking lot. Candy to smooth things over. Giving away extra food. The food bag was folded badly. Growling animals outside. Expected drive-thru damages. Safe to feed birds outside. Allowed to feed the birds fries. Licking their lips at me. Safe to feed the animals and not dangerous for anyone. Using food from your location for violence and starting trouble. The dog has to sniff around to get a sense of the air. Dog refusal. This food is all blurry and hard to see but it tastes just fine. Bringing animal skins into the store. Eating aggressively. Drive-thru stopping time. Cut-off in the store. A safe place to tell secrets about tripping. Take your order please right now. Gas business procedure for taking orders. Responsible for the sale of gas. Blurry, out of focus windshield and car windows from the gas. Blurry face rubbing bags of gas. Blurry car. Skunk gas. A safe way to transport gas. Gas handler moves the gas around. Best drinking gas. Gas types situation checking it out.

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