WM Live 2023-06-13 Easy Money

Wasted Memory Prank Call Show
Wasted Memory Prank Call Show
WM Live 2023-06-13 Easy Money

Bringing different people down there. Tell them to go easy on me. I do not know the words. It bothers me because I am stupid. I saw somebody stealing from the store and they said I would understand when I am older. A reward for turning in the other guy, not me. They are offering me more to keep my mouth shut. Turning in your brother for stealing. I saw the man masturbating but he offered me money in the store. The masturbating man offered me twenty dollars to not say anything. Getting paid to watch instead of not tell. They told me they knew what I was up to. There was a man trying to kill a mouse outside. The mouse was up to something. Putting gas in the pockets. Saw a guy moving the gasoline wrong. Spilling just a little bit of gas on myself. Partaking in weirdo shady stuff. Safe to put gas in the pockets. How many is too many corn dogs. The number of RPM’s in a gas. Gas gradient. Gas fingers. Gas seltzer premix. Base gas.

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