WM Live 2023-07-25 Failed Hang-Up

Wasted Memory Prank Call Show
Wasted Memory Prank Call Show
WM Live 2023-07-25 Failed Hang-Up

Testing out the new microphone. Not allowed to use reverse psychology on the staff. Accidentally saw an animal give birth. Animals after the exterminator are not in the food dumpster. The animals from the traps. Failed hangup call Caleb and Cassidy. Shopping cart in the drive-thru. Recording some of your noises. Just regular website. Batteries in the pocket. There is a lot of trash inside this car in the parking lot. Obtain the worthless stuff. The number of napkins before the police are called. Allowed to come into the store after a conviction of a speeding ticket. A lot of weird looking customers. Some other customer exposed their foot in the parking lot. Sorry I peed on the back door. Sorry for pooping on the curb. Animals living in the dumpster. New car in the drive-thru and naked and drunk. It looks like the guy is doing a finger bang in the car. Take them something to wash their hands because you are being gross.

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