WM Live 2023-08-08 Required Dialing

Wasted Memory Prank Call Show
Wasted Memory Prank Call Show
WM Live 2023-08-08 Required Dialing

Required amount of people for the required amount of beds. Somebody coming under the table. Double transfer call. Dial this number for me because you are supposed to be the operator. Smoking and smoldering behind the bed. Checking cars for dogs. You are in trouble with the attorney general. Do not dial zero. Directions to the basement. Toilet flush frequency. Adult television stations and movies. Ways to jerk. Getting goofy with ice in the glass and you drink it. Watching the kid in the lobby while going to the bar to learn about the front desk while getting a drink. Peanuts for the allergies at the hotel. Found the jar of peanuts. Open container penis allergy. No explosives or sandwiches. How to take the bus down there. Stuff to jerk to in the room. The correct way to knock on other guest doors. Clear of all penal material. Hide something at the front desk for me. Something to turn off fireworks in the room. Need help with working the website. Winning a prize for finding the man out in the bushes. Help angling in the car. Can’t help park the car it’s too hard. It is too hard for him to do it.

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