WM Live 2023-08-15 Witness Problems

WM Live 2023-08-15 Witness Problems

Trouble finding the hidden microphone. I need a French Braid in the hair. Make sure you don’t drop the soap. Single or multiple people showers. Washing each other like normal brother sister stuff in one shower. Help with getting the vehicle down there. Double hand-off denied permission granted to stay on the phone. I am not a owner or manager this is uneven grounds call and trying to trick him because this is one owner to another. Do some work on my car. Understanding what the other guest are doing. Working a clipboard. Stop breathing into the phone. Angle the car into the parking spot and sneak up on it. Moving the car while drunk on private property. Any extra people for some stands and some holders. Water for the cement. I got some stuff to cut up and problems to solve. I do not like the water. Putting my hands in the toilet lets my hands come apart. Telling you about things because I am a witness. The guys dumping water all over the ground. A witness needs to know who to tell. I found the witness and they do not want to talk. The required amount for being a witness. James is the maintenance man. Nobody was murdered. Up and over. Sniffing gas.

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