WM Live 2023-08-29 Door Police

Wasted Memory Prank Call Show
Wasted Memory Prank Call Show
WM Live 2023-08-29 Door Police

Opening your door for people that say that they are the police. Writing a comic book in the room and I have a lot of equipment and I have a warehouse. Borrowing a chain for the door. Writing a comic book about you. You said I said stupid. They do not have to talk to me. Need more rope please. Five pallets of macaroni and cheese. They told me I did not use enough rope. Comic book type activities. Getting to the roof for superhero stuff. Reserving parking spots. I need my keys. Required to ask how you are doing. I got a phone call in the room and I have to take my clothes off. I am talking about the uh bubobobo. Blue bags for personal use. Letting you know about digging a small hole outside. I am speechless right now. No, I apologizing. Glory hole in the hallways bed sheet in the hallway peephole.

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