Ah, fuck it.

Ok, so I had a post I was going to put in here. I wrote it last night, but I’ll wait on that shit.

I was supposed to be working tonight. Hey, beer exploration isn’t cheap. But the idiots at United Airlines forgot to put the package on the plane, so I drove 105 miles for nothing. Almost nothing. I did manage to stop at the grocery store for beer.

At the moment, I’ve got a bomber-sized bottle of New Glarus’ Wisconsin Belgian Red that I’m working on. Fucking delicious. After that, I got some barleywine that I never tried before. It checks in at 12% AbV, so that will keep me going for a while.

I’m going to post links to stuff on here when I figure out how to do that. And maybe some music, too. Just finished playing some punk rock on Spotify. For now, my beer’s empty. Gotta fix that.

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