Drunken Ramble Part 2

So, we had a bar full of people having a good time, and in walks a new Captain Buzzkill. Not what I normally see, this is the new kind that once she opens her mouth, I can read her entire life’s story. It’s Single Mom. And Single Mom hasn’t been out among adults since the New Year, and proceeds to dominate every conversation around her kid and her problems as if nobody else in the whole damn bar matters. Really? ! Just because you haven’t been in public for ten weeks, how does it become all about you? And none of us can take on another topic, even so much as shoot a game of darts, or dice, without you chiming in? Did you not notice that people left the damn bar because they’d rather go home than listen to you whine? My god, if your life is that bad, no wonder your man left you. And with that, gimme another damn beer! !!