WM Live 2020-03-17 – Social Distance Snakes

WM Live 2020-03-17 – Social Distance Snakes

Thank you for being open, seriously. This show sounds like the beginning of the large scale lock downs… Buy raw foods from the drive-thru. We can work for you for free, volunteer n stuff. Purchase the empty shelves from the store. Swing around the six foot social distancing stick. Social distance with the six foot hula hoop. Maintain a perimeter. Sonar machine. Siren and spotlight will cleanse everything. Emotional support device, it’s not a boom box. Labrat starts the service snakes calls. Fly a drone into your huge head. Sneaky snake. We have a short discussion about cum spray. You cool with Jesus? Using service snakes to keep people distant.

Wasted, Dragonmere, Toxic, Labrat, W1ngless, Just!n

Service Snake: https://imgur.com/a/FJhfSBv

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