WM Live 2020-05-12 – Horse Night

WM Live 2020-05-12 – Horse Night

This show was done on May 12th, a day after we heard about Carlito. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you need to stop listening to this and immediately listen to every Madhouse Radio show you can find. Please go to madhouselive.com and worldofprankcalls.com/torrent now!

I didn’t edit out all the stuff in between calls on this show, so it’s definitely a bit longer than usual podcast version. Burger audits. Cutting loose with the audits. Returns are really hard so rub the fries around. Sour ketchup. W1ngless turned into a ducks at the hotel. Dragonmere has an angry chicken on his hands. Porn on the television machines. Lost item in the hotel. Ashtray. Toenail. Marge everything is okay. No man at Subway. Arby’s refuses to talk to Dragonmere. Where’s your sammich. Now is not the time. Dom and Just!n bust out some rhymes. Calling about cats. We found the mother load. You got me all puzzled up. The show slowly descends into chaos.

There were at least these people on the show? I think? Dragonmere, Dom, Devon, Daisy, Just!n, W1ngless, Snappy, Toxic, Llama, Snails, Panti, Buster Casey, Buccshot? I’m probably screwing something up.

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