WM Live 2020-09-15 – Cart Ding

WM Live 2020-09-15 – Cart Ding

It looks like a cat. Parking at the pump. Rube Goldberg car ding. Changed mind about taking fault for the car ding. Serious chicken rip-off call. Tell me your plans with the chickens. Chicken background check. Chicken packets. Eggs are not pets. Shopping cart repair goes bad. Shopping cart injury report. Shopping cart head injury. Settle this raccoon argument please. Self defense shopping cart attachment. Special shopping cart. Bring in the electric shopping cart. Super bright flashlight unit cures a blind. Stacking shopping carts shapes. Authorized to answer shopping cart questions. OKAY! The melting point of shopping carts. Get the magnet and see. More shopping carts. Remote controlled shopping cart. Lieutenant Tuck Pendleton gets a hangup.

Prankers: Wasted, Dragonmere, Toxic, RBCP

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