WM Live 2020-12-01 – Sniffing Bread

WM Live 2020-12-01 – Sniffing Bread

Super foods. Assistance for opening before paying. Live food. Used to be able to jiggle push and lean into, just to see the other room. Front desk standing fee. Moon shoes and foot juices. Problems in the bedroom. Entertainment dog. Selling stuff in the room. Rules on canning in the room. Heat the food up in the room. Service animal son on paper. Maximum shopping cart weight big shopping cart. Opening packages in the store. Sniffing bread. Switch out the twist ties. Bread gift cards. Unwrap meats for a closer smell. The meat keeper. Touching the eggs. Game system by the dumpster. Conceal the taste. Pregnant ice cream. Meat joke. Sleep aids. Sneak somebody out of the room. Eat my butt. Dogs and carts.

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