WM Live 2022-09-13 Hidden Sauces

WM Live 2022-09-13 Hidden Sauces

Gathering evidence at the bachelor party. A face to face conversation. Video evidence for sister rehab. Boogie man conspiracy. Clothing required for between rooms. Lost and found storage. Cover up the smell so Mom doesn’t smell it. Hide my stash please. A place to hide things. Wrong Mom. Talk about fate at the front desk. Room limit. Sauce packets. Whelming. Whirley foody. Fully clothed drive-thru. Trade music for tacos. Man walking a dog without pants. Checking for drugs by smell. Lawsuit. Hot TVs. Stop the smell with dryer sheets. Hide a cheesecake and lie about it. You do not want to help me. No more cheesecake. Paranoid cheesecake.

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