WM Live 2023-09-26 Free Mop

WM Live 2023-09-26 Free Mop

Stuff I can steal for free and put in my pockets. If it fits in my pocket, I can just have it. That mop came from my house. You stole my mop from my house to use at the store. You stole my cleaner from my house for the store. Please pull the plug for us. It is safe in there. Use your phone to make a test call to feel safe. Banned from the store, you cannot come back. Just a quick peek because I am banned. Baby steps, I’ll just put my head in there. I saw somebody using your trash can for a lot of trash. My cousin said he would take care of it but I said that was too far. Personal trash and garbage. Garbage cans are for paying customers only. Somebody took my trash I put in your trashcan and put it in their car to steal my receipt. Stuff that can go inside the body. Length of the ban for peeing into the pool. Pee in the pool. Pee into the pool from outside. Rules of the pool. Train hotel. You are misinformed and confused. A quick viking funeral in the pool. I spilled my margarita. The roof balcony. Deliver more alcohol to my car. Live life like Jimmy. I need another drink to keep doing good.

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