WM Live 2023-10-10 Race Car War

WM Live 2023-10-10 Race Car War

Rights and freedoms as a customer in the store. Using traveler checks. I need a name to put on the check for the traveler check. Being on vacation and not able to buy things. Sign the traveler check over to you. Gotta leave or else because standing on a car. Not allowed to stand on cars. Try to understand this guy. Coming back after standing on cars. It did not look like she would sound like you. Not apologizing for rights. I might be sick from crushing a whole pizza by myself. I know what is going on and it is not fair. Not going first at the pump. Accidental race car war. Permission to make the video for online in the store. Special effects to pour gas on the car. Switch the pumps over to water. Having trouble uploading my video. Asking if people have been compromised. No girls allowed. I do not get in trouble if somebody else wants to fight me. This guy is not taking the candy. Trying to put candy in his mouth because diabetes. They said no more standing on cars in the parking lot. Reducing your charges on your stuff.

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