WM Live 2024-06-11 Extra Crashes

WM Live 2024-06-11 Extra Crashes

The fly got into the car. A guy got into my car and made it all the way home. Extra guy in the car came home and made a regular sandwich. A good spot to eat pie. A place to take my shoes off as a customer. I paid somebody else in the store for merchandise. Betting a million dollars and need to do a payment plan. Experience with making people come with you and force them to have a good time. Water damage from items I purchased down there. Gasoline got inside the walls in the house. A woman from the gas station wants to marry me. Please marry my daughter. Letting them know about the divorce at the gas station. Clean the gas pump with bleach. Keeping the person you found down by the dumpster. Toxic stubs a toe and does not have an ID. The naked man. Talking about flaps at the gas station. I want to clean my flaps and loop. Tell me how the sink works. Loose bowels. Putting bleach on things in the room. No visitors even for cutting hair. Touching up my lips. A spot to clean hair in a box.

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