WM Live 2020-02-11 – Pipecast Confirmed

WM Live 2020-02-11 – Pipecast Confirmed

Bring your own plate promotion. Skype blows up again. Wash my own dishes in the back. I left the keys in the toilet, dig up the pipes. I was making calls from inside the store. Flushing restrictions. Making pranks form the room phone. Dabs in the room too. This is a fake mugging. Bad experience trying to conceal items from the store. The water in the toilet seems to be getting warmer. Toilet Kool-Aid. Give me a master room key please. Pipecast. Dragonmere wants to document his bathroom with a camera. Cameras everywhere. Do you have anything to add to the podcast? Pipecast callback. A list of names and the key please! Top-down consent. Pi is my confirmation number. I leave the bad hold music in with the flat wheels on the tapes. This room key only opens up one room. How do I remove the anti-theft from the clothing? Show ends with Skype slowly crashing.

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