WM Live 2020-04-14 – Corn Down Part 3

WM Live 2020-04-14 - Corn Down Part 3

This show was part of Dragonmere’s Corn Down series. The rest of those are available on his Patreon. Where is your sandwich. Test call. It just feels like a single. Eating food while getting gas, stop the abuse. Hot dogs after seven. Check on the hot dogs please. Thaw some meat. Stolen meat. Stolen stuff stashed. Trick call. Dream journal. Poop log. Flush this bag. Garden hose. Arrest my son please officer. Two adults to-go. Mouth noises. Meat noises. Bring some cases of sauce over here. Reserve parking lot times/spaces/laps.

The man playing awesome music in the beginning was Dick on Twitch

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