WM Live 2023-06-20 VIP

WM Live 2023-06-20 VIP

I just want to do my own thing. Dog bite from the hotel. Receiving not the middle finger pointed down from somebody else. I gave them the finger and flipped them off. Reporting a celebrity sighting. A percentage of a celebrity. Nobody is filming this possible celebrity. Seeing a really important person walking around. Reporting a VIP walking around. On top of the elevator. People are texting while walking around with their phones and it is dangerous like drunk driving, press charges. One out of the two people looks drunk walking around together. They are texting on their phones while drunk. Rules and holding the money for gambling in the room. Mission statement as a guest. Determine if the other guest is on hard drugs. Do CPR just for good measure. Directing people. Number of hotel laps for inside exercise. Cum show. Getting your bindle stuck. Another guest looks like a 10-15 year younger version of me. They said they recognized me but they actually did not know me at all. I do not recognize any of the guests here. Old and poor lower rank system. The best way to angle the car in there. Please unblock the tavern number. I am it right now I need to tag somebody else it. Look in my mouth. The meaning of rotating tires at the front desk. Change this flat tire because you said you know how to change a flat tire. Help slashing my tires.

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