WM Live 2019-12-10 – Parking Lot Speed Limit

WM Live 2019-12-10 – Parking Lot Speed Limit

I need some bleach for cleaning and drinking. I kinda actually like the bowling shoes, maybe just a trade? Peepaw needs a gift card. Corporate makes the Arby’s bell ring again. Could you remove the light bulbs for Dad? Find the water leak. Is it okay to drive around the parking lot for a while and whats the posted speed limit? Can I park in the handicap spot? What’s the parking lot situation for driving practice. Ash trays to Poker Room 1 please. Napkin colors and napkin dyes. The regular stuff isn’t doing it for me. Pay at the pump with cash. This is the hotel! Highway 24. The mustache man returns. Where’s Cindy? Laps around the parking lot. The feather call. Dadead calls in. Rapid-fire chaos of calls, just like Mario Kart.

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