WM Live 2020-01-07 – Stolen Shoes

WM Live 2020-01-07 – Stolen Shoes

Wacky prank calls from the room phones and they won’t sign your cast. Who’s on LSD makin the weird phone calls? Herbs n pills in the room light bulb pipe. Is everything okay? Can you go get my shoes? Shower pants. Distracted for 1:45. Can we drive in the parking lot? Why did you answer? Exchange the rental shoes. The dog food or cat food problem. Exchange the house ball. Twice baked coffee. Racist adult balloons. Late night shoe rental drop box. Shoe sisters. Gummie bleach flavored wings. All the toppings. Please ask about the menthol wings! Are you stealing my gas? They said your store gets the old chicken. Save the board I don’t really know. Jar of floor pills. Found acid in this Bible. Denying information. I have a lot of different questions. Can we bring in other food and eat it there instead of yours? Pie with everything. Don’t drop the soap.

I was playing a lot of Look Mum No Computer today, check out his awesome stuff!

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