WM Live 2020-01-14 – Time Limits and Death

WM Live 2020-01-14 – Time Limits and Death

Skype crashes like a billion times tonight. Parking lot time limits. I need the dogs teeth when they fall out. Could you please go check for the teeth? Just checking if everything was okay, damn it Alex! This is for my, final wishes. Permission to drink and drive. How long can you shop at a 24 hour location? Even for electrical engineers? Parking lot living at the gym. How long can you take to pump gas? Dave’s parking lot. Just want to sleep it off in the parking lot. Please put me on hold. How much water can I take from the gym? Dragonmere is not allowed to pass away on the premises and there’s no VIP room and the reservation robots. I might not make it with all of the shopping. Confused. Sad calls. Sad lost hearing aid. Sad fitness survey time limits. Ring some bells or tap the nails. More parking lot limits. Hotel lady won’t transfer or hangup. Sorry for that last call, it was, interesting…. Joining the show: Wasted, Dragonmere, Toxic, RBCP, Snappy

I’ve been playing a lot of Look Mum No Computer lately, check out his awesome stuff!

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